Who We Are

A word from the team leader:

The first step to position your company as leader in the market place is make it look exquisite in all respects.  Through years of experience of in corporate identity conceptualization, we have mastered the art of adorning companies, gaining them respect and catapulting them to greater market place heights.

Driven, by a passion  for excellence, we do not compromise when it comes to our client’s looks. You can rest assured that by the time we are done with your company it will look sexy and irresistible from logo, business card, stationary, office branding  to client presentations, vehicle branding, media adverts and any other element you may think of.

Creativitá Maestro is in Italian, simply  means Creativity Master translating to English!

Creativitá Maestro is a brand by AGA Afrika Practical Solutions Pty Ltd

A Level 3 BEE Certified Company that provides Brand Activation, Brand Development Concepts, Re-branding Concepts, Brand Management, Web Services


Think of something else!
Creativitá Maestro has seen the need to think outside the box to bring something new to the corporate world globally, which we develop fresh ideas that appear to be vital, valuable and useful to all every corporate brand.

To make a platform for companies branding made easy, effective  and flexible for the best of their desired needs.

Our clients are the reason why we work, that makes us value them and take pride in them. OUR WORK IS OUR INSPIRATION. We find no reason not to please our clients always, for they are our pride.


Creativitá Maestro chooses a fresh approach to the brands taking them into a world of new and fresh concepts development. Having seen the need to grow small business Creativitá Maestro created a platform for business called WORLD CLASS AFRICAN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS which all small businesses are welcome to share and learn their business experiences globally. With the concept developed by Creativitá Maestro called “think of some thing else!” all small brands are provided with new ideas and fresh approach to business in their marketing platforms. As a brand agency Creativitá Maestro offers a variety of brand solutions globally, its made easy and effective to the clients anywhere in the world no matter which part are you in the world.